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Window Mahjong Solitaire

Window Mahjong Solitaire is a breeze you won't want to miss. This puzzle game is a breath of fresh air from all
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Mahjong Solitaire
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28 February 2011

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From its origination in China, Mahjong became a popular game of all times among the people of China and many other countries. Undoubtedly, the game was capable of entertaining people of all ages and gender and involved a tough skill, calculation and strategy making activity in order to reach the goal. The game consisted of various tiles with either the numbers or pictures drawn on them and is popularly played as a gambling game requiring skills of the player and a considerable element of chance. Due to its popularity, thousands of Mahjong games have been developed which are playable on computer and other gaming devices. One such game is Window Mahjong Solitaire v.1.

Window Mahjong Solitaire is a freeware game based on the Mahjong tiles. As the name suggests, the game is playable in single player mode, thus you don’t require multiple players for playing and the game can be a nice entertainment in the leisure time when you are alone. The game has a 3D interface with various tiles arranged one over the other on a green colored background. On the bottom left corner of the screen, you will find an in-game timer running continuously during your gameplay. So, you can easily check how much time you took in completing a level in the game and your score is given accordingly. The gameplay involves matching pairs of similarly designed tiles in order to eliminate them from board. The ultimate target of the player in each level is to clear all the tiles on the board and the selection of tiles has to be very careful and strategically planned. If you get stuck up somewhere in the game where you are not able to find any tiles to match, you can easily seek assistance by clicking the ‘HINT’ button given below.

To conclude with, Window Mahjong Solitaire v.1 is a nice game which requires a set strategy by user to reach the target and can be a nice activity in leisure time. Hence, it receives a score of four rating points on the scale of five.

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Window Mahjong Solitaire is a breeze you won't want to miss. This puzzle game is a breath of fresh air from all the other mahjong solitaire varieties out there. Beat Window Mahjong Solitaire board game by matching all tiles to eliminate them. Crack open this window by clearing the whole board. And when you've let all the mahjong tiles out, you can feel satisfied knowing that your high score is there for you to beat next time you decide to open it up again. Window Mahjong Solitaire is medium difficulty, and you're best bet is to try to keep as many mahjong tiles available for your use whenever permitting: don't just use up all your resource tiles willy-nilly, or you won't be able to win. Start from the outside, and work your way in to beat this tile matching strategy game!
Window Mahjong Solitaire
Window Mahjong Solitaire
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